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Rental of Motor Scooters, Motorcycles, ATVs & Cars Schinoussa


Our office, located in Schinoussa, is a family business that has been active since 2007 renting mopeds, motorcycles and cars.

Created with a vision the correct and immediate service of each customer. It operates 6 months a year, from May to October, offering tourists from all over the world, vehicles for as long as they wish, always at affordable prices.

Our fleet consists of modern vehicles, excellently maintained, being the ideal choice for your tours in the picturesque Schinoussa.


Through the modern fleet of mopeds, motorcycles, atv and cars that we have, we give you the opportunity to choose the ideal vehicle with which you will explore every corner of our picturesque island, with comfort and safety.

Browse our page to see our fleet of vehicles or contact us to discuss your needs and suggest the ideal vehicle.

We give you the opportunity to pick up and deliver the vehicle of your choice from anywhere on the island you wish, always by appointment.

Our kind staff is at your disposal and always ready to offer you the best service for a unique experience, tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.

With our basic principle of respect for the customer, we provide you with:
  Variety of new and safe vehicles
  High quality, friendly service
  Pick Up - Drop Off (by arrangement)
  Unbeatable prices
  No hidden charges  
 +30 2285071920 or +30 6977366853

Our goal is to help you move to Schinoussa so that you can discover its beauties safely and with pleasure. The key to our success is the combination of high quality services, at low and competitive prices. 

for any question related to our vehicles, to make a reservation but also to discuss your needs and find together the ideal vehicle.